• August 27, 2016

“A beautiful cloth embraces all.”


Décor It Events extensive table linen collection will ensure your tables complement your event perfectly. Make your event’s tables‘pop’ with a beautiful, bold colour or add a touch of elegance with sheer organza or a range of other beautiful textures. Our bespoke collection consists of an array of custom made pieces for that unique finish.

We know your event is a one-of-a-kind, and our linen collection adds to that uniqueness by providing that finishing touch.

We offer you every colour and possible palette to choose from.
Your options include a great variety of fabrics including bespoke, deluxe and classics. We have sequins, lace, beads, organza, satin, jute, burlap and fabrics to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our table linen styles include: overlays, topcloths, round cloths, banquet cloths, trestle cloths, napkins and chair covers. Whatever you desire we can offer a tailored and inspired solution.

Contact Décor It Events today and enquire about our products and services.